April 20, 2012

    The site is officially up! Go through the archives! Enjoy my shoddy knowledge of code! There is a kink or two that needs to be worked out and the RSS button doesn't work yet but give me some time!
    Usually I make longer comics and put them out on Mondays but I want to update this website more frequently then one day a week but the longer comics are a lot of work. So I'm going to try little mini comic strips like this one and put them out whenever. I've already made a bunch but that's mostly because I am going to Vancouver Fan Expo on Saturday!
    At Fan Expo I'm going to be handing out these little strips on these business cards. Maybe that's why you are on the site right now! If so that's awesome! Hopefully I'm not weird and awkward about handing out a business cards where a baby gets tossed out a window.

    Anyways, no one is reading this. Welcome to the site.
      - Spencer



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